Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Class Brief

Formworks Fall 2011 Class Brief :

Formworks hybridizes methods of casting with digital fabrication. In doing so, we challenge the repetitive nature of casting and formwork by developing a parametric, dynamic formworks system and producing a series of precast elements using that system. Organized around a series of short but intense assignments, students are introduced to 1 and 2 part molds, silicone casting, vacuforming, rotational molding and a variety of casting materials. Students respond with their own system which takes these techniques and systems of organization, assembly and fabrication further.

Products of the formworks system may include:

- a series of parametrically related castings produce by a:
o formwork which is performative and dynamic
o formwork which is a recombinant kit of parts.
o a kit of formworks that produce a series of interrelated parts
o a repetitive series that can recombine (flexible unit / kit of parts)
- a casting that is itself dynamic (material dynamics)
- a flexible structural system which employs the products of your formworks


- Develop a sophisticated, well made formworks system
- Produce and assemble a large quantity of products from your formworks system
- Identify the architectural performance of the casting
- Site the products of your formworks
- Experiment with and present an argument for the material you used in your castings.
- Develop a tectonic between cast parts
o How do the products of your formwork aggregate and fit together?
o What other kinds of details, external structures and materials can you integrate?

Surface, structure, porosity and performance of the brick system are key factors. The overall focus is systemic: we will be designing the components that become a flexible building system.

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